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Step 1

Shop from thousands of U.S. stores online and pay the store or use our Buy4Me service.


Step 2

Have all your purchases delivered to our U.S. address.


Step 3

IshopGambia will help consolidate your purchases and deliver them to your home/office.



Product price + international shipping fee + $10 standard handling fee = TOTAL



Additional info.

  • Buy4Me Fee: 8% of the order total (only applies to Buy4Me orders)
  • Shipping rates are Based on the method you request:

COURIER SHIPPING is based on weight or dimensions, Get shipping estimate using our Shipping Calculator from DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS 


CONTAINER SHIPPING is based on box size. $30 for a medium size box

  • Storage Fees: First 30 days are free! $10 per order per month for each additional month.
  • New Box Fee: 1 Free medium box. $3 per additional box (only applies when we have to use a new box to ship your items)
  • Pickup Fee: free pickup for the first 10 miles or 17 km then $1 for each additional mile or km
  • Duties and Taxes: May be required depending on product ordered.
  • Damage/Loss Protection:
  • If a return on a Buy4Me order is requested, IshopGambia will not refund the purchasing fee and will charge a Return Fee as well as the original handling fee. IshopGambia will then refund the cost of the item upon being refunded by the store from which the item was purchased. 
  • Products deemed unacceptable for Shipment will be returned to the merchant at User’s cost and/or we reserve the right to dispose of the Shipment.
  • We are not liable for any delays, loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control